Who Should You Take When Touring Wedding Venues?

Touring potential wedding venues is a vital part of choosing the right space for your nuptials. But who you take as you visit locations can help or hinder you in making the right call. To help you determine exactly who you should choose, here are a few people to take or not to take.

Do Take Your Fiancé

Not every couple can make room in their shared schedule to tour all possible venues. But do make the effort to go as a couple to the most likely candidates. Not only will you benefit from the second set of eyes, but your partner knows you best and can help you better understand your own feelings about a venue. 

Don't Take an Entourage

Avoid pressure or the temptation to take a large group of people to tour venues. A large group can be very distracting. People may focus on the wrong elements. And they are less likely to share your personal vision for the wedding. Therefore, they could be more of a hindrance than a help. 

Do Take a Close Friend

One or two additional persons on a tour is often the best number. Choose close friends or family members, ideally including one attendant. Talk with them in detail about your wedding plans, goals, theme, and vision so they know what to look for during the tour. Ask them to look for specific points or take video so you can focus on other elements. 

Don't Take No One

Unless it can't be avoided, you should have at least one additional person when touring venues that are good candidates. Few brides or grooms can cover all the bases by themselves and need at least one additional person as a sounding board. This is especially important if you can only tour each location once or must make a quick decision. 

Do Take Your Planner

Using a wedding planner? If you've already contracted with a professional, they're one of the biggest resources when touring venues. With their professional eye and expertise, they notice things most would not. They know the right questions to ask. And they may already have experience with the venue. Even if hiring a day-of planner, ask to contract for help choosing a venue. 

Ready to start preparing for wedding venue visits? By putting together the right team for tours, you're sure to choose a great space that fits your overall expectations for your big day. Make an appointment today to learn more.