Ideas For Bicycle Team-Building Activities

Team-building activities can help everyone involved in your organization break the ice, enjoy wholesome fun together, and deepen their relationships. If the weather is decent outside, try one of these bicycle team-building activities to help encourage cooperation and goodwill among your staff members.

Hold a Photo Scavenger Hunt

Whether you want to help your team members explore their home city or see the sights while traveling for a business trip, a photo scavenger hunt is a fun way to get your staff out and about. By requiring that participants get around town on bicycles instead of in a car or bus, you help them get some fresh air and exercise to break up hours of indoor meetings.

First, divide participants into even teams. Depending on the circumstances, you might provide rented bicycles or ask your staff members to bring them from home. Then, give each team a list of items for them to take photos of while bicycling around town. Some ideas could include:

  • Local landmarks
  • Historical locations
  • People on the streets using your company's product or service
  • Favorite local eateries or specialties

You could either hold a competition to see which team can photograph the most items during a certain time frame, or you can have participants vote on which team captured the best photo in a particular category. At the end of the day, you can give the winning team a prize, or you could consider donating money to a charity chosen by the winning team.

Host a Charity Bicycle Race

A bicycle race doesn't have to mean starting all the participants on one line and awarding prizes to the fastest cyclists to finish a planned route. One fun team-building activity that can get everyone involved no matter their fitness level is to measure the race in miles, not time.

For this activity, divide participants into teams and assign a time limit to complete the "race." It could be as little as one day or as long as a month. The idea is that each member of the team will track how many miles they ride a bicycle during that time, and then everyone on the team adds up their miles together. At the end of the designated time period, the team with the most collective miles wins. (You could also have team members add up hours spent bicycling instead.)

The winning team could then get to choose a charity that your organization will donate to, or you could help fundraise for a cause by asking family and friends to sponsor the participants. For example, sponsors could pledge a certain dollar amount for every mile that their team or an individual on the team rides.

These kinds of activities can help the staff of your organization bond as they engage in friendly competition, and it will also help you get involved in your local community.

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