Want An Outdoor Wedding In Autumn? Here's How

Do you want an outdoor wedding? With summer having passed by, you may be afraid that your chance for a lovely, natural wedding outside has disappeared. In reality, you can extend the outdoor wedding season well into autumn with the proper use of a tent. How? Here are four key ways.

1. Rent the Walls. Party tent rentals offer many amenities for today's bridal couples. One of the most important when the weather could be questionable is to include sides, or walls, along with the roof cover. Tent sides match the material of the roof and come in a variety of styles. They often have windows and even doors to allow light and access as well as protect from rain and cold temperatures. You can tailor your wall needs to include walls where they will add warmth while still leaving a good view of nature. A company like Best  Price Tents can help you choose the right option for your location.

2. Include Heaters. Whether or not you want to enclose the wedding with sidewalls on your tent, do opt to rent or buy heaters for the area. An outdoor heater, properly installed and monitored around people, is adjustable and can keep guests comfortable all day long. If the space is open, be sure to add additional heaters as there will be more bleed-off into the surrounding air.

3. Add Flooring. Autumn weather often means increasing rain, falling leaves, mud, and even occasional snow in higher elevations. That can all make for a messy wedding and an uncomfortable experience for your guests. Solve many of these problems by renting hard flooring along with the tent. Place hard flooring underneath the entire tent area for the best results. If your guests will need to traipse through grass or dirt to get to the parking lot, bathrooms, or ceremony, consider adding flooring in these areas. 

4. Dress Appropriately. If you do plan tent nuptials as the weather cools, compensate by having warmer attire for all. Look for a wedding dress that provides a little more strategic coverage — such as the shoulders — to keep yourself warm and cozy. Some bridal parties like removable bolero jackets to allow layering during the long day as well. Finally, provide a few cozy items for guests, like small blankets or slippers, if they get chilly.

If you plan ahead, you can still have a great outdoor wedding far into the cooler months. Then, you can celebrate your love the way you really want — which is all that really matters in the end.