Why A Dove Release Is Suitable For A Wedding Ceremony

Dove releases are common at funerals and memorial services, as they can take on different symbolic meanings and thus provide comfort for those in attendance. If you're planning your wedding, however, you may want to consider a dove release. Don't worry that some of your guests may see this event as more of a funeral element. Many people have dove releases at their outdoor weddings, and this can be a highlight of your big day — for you and for those in attendance. Provided that your outdoor venue is suitable for a dove release, here are some reasons to move forward with this plan.

It's Symbolic

Releasing doves with your new spouse on your wedding day can be a symbolic event that you can interpret in many different ways. This event can represent the new life that you and your spouse are embarking on together. Symbolically, the idea of the doves being released from their holder and soaring into the sky together can be the feeling that you have upon marrying your soulmate and embarking on a new life together. Many of your guests will see this symbolism, too, and it can mean a lot to those in attendance.

It's A Good Photo Op

Having photo-friendly elements in your outdoor wedding ceremony can give your photographer the opportunity to catch several candid moments. While formal, posed portraits are always nice, shots that depict you and your significant other when you aren't posing for the camera may end up being among your favorite shots from the day. A picture of you standing together and holding the box of doves as they fly out of it may be something that you choose to enlarge, frame, and display on the wall of your home for years to come.

It's Better Than Confetti

Some people choose to have their guests throw confetti during their wedding, and while there's no arguing that this part of the ceremony can be fun, it's not necessarily ideal. If you're using plastic confetti, it's almost impossible to clean up off the ground. This means that you're having your guests essentially pollute the space, which may not feel good. Throwing rice can be a better choice because it will break down over time, but some people don't like the idea of wasting food. Releasing doves meanwhile doesn't have the same type of environmental or social impact as using confetti during your wedding ceremony.

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