Is Your Daughter Turning Fifteen Years Old?

Is your daughter turning fifteen years old in the near future? If so, are you planning a quinceanera party in her honor? Perhaps you have all of your plans lined up already. If that's the case, you more than likely are thrilled to have the show on the road. Did you realize how many decisions would be involved in planning your daughter's fifteen year old celebration?

You might still be in the beginning stages of planning your daughter's special event. Know that, in a way, it will be almost like planning a wedding reception. From finding the best location for your daughter's quinceanera venue, to adding the perfect decorations, here are some ideas that might help.

The Quinceanera Event Venue - One of the first questions you might ask yourself is, How much money can I really spend on this party? After all, you don't want to still be paying for your daughter's quinceanera months or even years after it is over, right? Think of visiting several different event venues to see what kind of a deal they will offer you. When you speak to the staff that in itself will help you make the decision of where you want to have the quinceanera event venue. Is the staff super courteous and helpful? Are the members of the staff open about every single detail regarding the price? 

For example, after you've signed a contract, will you be hit with the information that there will be an added fee for things like tables, chairs, linens, and dishes? Think about writing down every question imaginable and getting a real answer before you make your final decision. 

Another important thing to ask yourself is, How many people will actually be at the quinceanera party? For example, if you are sending invitations to people who live very far away, are they likely to travel the distance, or will they simply send good wishes and a gift? Remember that the venue doesn't have to be huge. In fact, a smaller event venue might be more intimate and easier to decorate. 

The Theme For The Quinceanera Event - Another thing that will help you decide on where you want to hold the quinceanera will be the theme you have chosen. For example, if you have chosen a princess theme, you more than likely want to hold the quinceanera in a banquet hall that is decorated in an elaborately elegantly manner. 

Maybe your daughter has said that she'd rather have a casual event where the dress will be things like jeans and cowboy boots. If that's the case, think of having the event in a barn that has been remodeled for special events like quinceaneras and wedding receptions.