Four Ways To Make A Trip To The Pumpkin Patch Special For Your Child

When you have kids, a trip to the pumpkin patch is a great way to teach them about plants and harvesting food while also getting into the spirit of Halloween. But beyond simply going to the pumpkin patch to choose a pumpkin, how can you make this experience special for your little ones? Here are four ideas.

1. Talk about the types of pumpkins you're looking for beforehand.

A few days before you visit the pumpkin patch, start telling your kids about the different types of pumpkins they might see and what each would be good for. For example, you could tell them how a really round pumpkin would be perfect for carving a cat face on, or how a tall pumpkin would be great for carving a witch. Ask your kids what type of pumpkin they are going to look for at the patch.

This helps build excitement leading up to the event. Plus, when you do arrive at the pumpkin patch, your kids will have a goal in mind and will be searching for specific types of pumpkins, which helps keep them focused. 

2. Participate in other available activities.

Look up the details for the pumpkin patch you plan on visiting. Many patches also offer other activities like hay rides and haunted houses. Know what the options are and when they are scheduled, so you can partake in some of these activities when you are there. This will extend your time at the pumpkin patch and make it more memorable.

3. Wear costumes.

Halloween costumes are so much fun. Why wear them just once? Have your kids get dressed up in their costumes to go to the pumpkin patch. This will add something special to the occasion, as others will comment on and admire their costumes. Plus, your kids dressed up and holding pumpkins makes for a great photo.

4. Stop for cider or hot cocoa afterwards.

There is something about sipping a hot beverage that makes it feel like fall! After you visit the pumpkin patch, find a cozy restaurant to visit for a cup of cider or hot cocoa. As you sit and sip, reflect on the experience at the pumpkin patch, and start talking about how you plan to carve or otherwise decorate the pumpkins. 

A trip to the pumpkin patch is sure to be enjoyable with the tips above. Have a happy Halloween season!

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