Catering A Business Lunch: Three Menu Options To Consider

Whether you are gathering shareholders around a table for a quarterly meeting or you are hosting a working lunch for staff, having the right menu options can help to make the meeting more enjoyable. Hiring a corporate catering service can provide a host of menu options to choose from. If you are looking for a delicious and functional work menu, here are some ideas to consider.

Lunch Boxes

Instead of having a buffet table that encourages everyone to get up from their seats, consider lunch boxes instead. Your corporate caterer can create boxes in several different options so everyone can choose the meal they prefer. These boxes might include house-made potato chips, fruit salad, side salads, and sandwich wraps. Have several different boxes to select from, and be sure to include vegetarian or vegan options to ensure everyone at the meeting can get a meal that's right for their needs. The boxes should also include napkins, utensils, bottles of water, and after-dinner mints.

Table Trays

Another way to keep everyone at the table is to serve items family-style. This means placing large trays of food down the center of the table so they can be passed around. Choose a variety of sandwich trays, fruit platters, dessert trays, and veggie assortments so everyone can fill their plates. Have your catering service provide plates, utensils, and napkins, which can be placed at the conference table in advance. Pitchers of water and juice should also be made available for refreshment throughout the meeting.

DIY Burger Bar

Not every corporate meeting will require your attendees to remain seated the entire time. In fact, for longer meetings, you may want to encourage everyone to get up for a few moments. If you will be hosting an all-day meeting, inject a bit of fun into lunch by creating a DIY burger bar. Have your catering company create hamburgers, turkey burgers, and veggie burgers, and put out an assortment of buns, cheeses, and toppings for your attendees to choose from. They can build their own burgers, select a few sides, and even show off their unique creations. This idea can also be used for taco bars, salad bars, and dessert bars, giving you a host of different meal options to choose from for each corporate meeting you host.

Talk to your corporate catering company about any dietary restrictions that might need to be taken into consideration, such as nut allergies, gluten sensitivities, or lactose intolerance, so it can create a menu that's appropriate for everyone in attendance at your next corporate meeting.