Getting Married While Recovering From An Injury? Find An Accommodating Venue

Planning a wedding is exciting because you have so much control with how your wedding turns out. If you are determined to get married on a specific day and you happen to get injured, you will need to find a way to make your new situation work. The recovery process may be going smoothly, but if the wedding day will pass while you are still recovering, you may need to find a new venue with this detail in mind. 

Minimal Walking

The original venue may have been on the beach or in a large hall which would require a lot of walking. If you need to do the least amount of walking that you can, you should look for a small venue. It is also possible to just look for a venue with a short wedding aisle to keep the walking distance to a minimum.

Another thing that you should look for is whether you can have the ceremony and reception close by. You will find that it is ideal when these events are able to take place in the same building and area.

Level Paths

It is important not to forget about the importance of level paths for getting married. Not having to walk a lot is helpful, but you also want to avoid steep inclines or declines that can make walking a challenge. Getting married in the forest can also present a challenge because the ground will not be fully stable.

This requirement makes buildings an excellent choice because they will have level walkways. It should be possible to restrict your search to buildings and you will still have a large selection to choose from.

No Stairs

While the paths may be level, you also want to avoid a situation in which you have to go up or down stairs. It can work if you are able to find a wedding venue that has a ramp alongside the stairs. But, even then, if it is necessary to walk up the stairs or along the ramp during the ceremony, you may just want to look for another venue that provides you with an easy walking path from the start to where you say your vows.

It is tough when you need to make changes to your wedding plans after getting injured. But, using these tips will help you find a venue that meets your needs to help you have a smooth and enjoyable wedding. Contact avenues, like The Manoa Grand Ballroom, to get started.