3 Items To Look For Before Signing A Wedding Venue Contract

Before you sign that contract on the perfect wedding reception venue, make sure that the contract will allow you to create the wedding reception of your dreams.

#1 Decoration Restrictions

When you think about your ideal wedding, you probably have specific decorations that you imagine using. Maybe you want floating candles inside of vases with water and decorative beads. Perhaps you want to string lights up all over the area to create soft mood lighting. Or maybe you want to decorate every square inch of the venue with flowers.

Whatever your decorative vision, make sure that it is something you can actually do at your dream venue. Many venues have decoration restrictions in place for various reasons. Some places will not allow you to use real candles, only fake candles for fire safety reasons. Other places may only allow you to plug so many cords into their outlets, reducing the possibility of a twinkle-light wedding reception. Other places don't allow you to nail items into the walls or require you to use preexisting nails.

Most of these rules are in place for safety reasons and to preserve the venue for future couples. There is a reason for decoration restrictions; just make sure that they don't cramp your vision of your wedding.

#2 Vendor Requirements

Next, be sure to find out if there are any vendor requirements or restrictions. If you are using a venue that has its own kitchen staff, it is common for the venue to require you to use their kitchen for your wedding catering needs. Some venues may require you to rent your tables and chairs through a specific vendor.

Other venues have a list of specific vendors that they have pre-screened and determined they are comfortable working with. Any vendor not on the list would require venue approval in advance.

Other venues set restrictions for vendors, such as providing vendors with specific set-up and break-down windows or rules about what facility-owned equipment or areas that vendors are allowed to access. 

Check and make sure that you are okay with any vendor requirements or restrictions. You don't want to book a place only to find out that the catering company you have already procured isn't allowed to serve food on the premises. These types of complications can easily be avoided by carefully checking vendor requirements beforehand. 

#3 Set-Up & Clean-Up Windows

Finally, be sure to check out the set-up and clean-up windows that the venue offers. Some venues will give you lots of latitude with timing regarding setting up and cleaning up. Other venues may have events scheduled back-to-back and may not give you as much latitude with set-up and clean-up. Make sure that your vendors and your wedding team will be able to get your wedding set up and cleaned up in the time allowed. You don't want your wedding to run late because everything isn't set up, and you don't want to face hefty fines or disrupt someone else's special event because you didn't clean up your wedding reception in time.

It is important to understand decorations rules, vendor requirements and your set-up and clean-up windows before signing a contract with a wedding venue like The Nests BnB and Events. Understanding these details will help ensure that the venue is the right place for your wedding.