Plan The Party Of Your Parent's Dreams For Their Fiftieth Anniversary

Are you hosting a party for your parents as they celebrate their fiftieth anniversary? If you have decided to go with a theme that features royalty as the theme, from sending out the invitations to choosing the entertainment, here are some ideas for you.

The Invitations - Go with very elegant invitations. After all, this is a royal event! Before you do anything else, meet with your parents so you can get a complete list of those that should be on the invitation list. 

Even though you are going with elegance, you can still have some fun with the invitations. For example, you could have a picture of your mother and father on the front of the invitation, only add crowns to make them look like a king and queen.

Another idea to make a royal-looking invitation is to have a fancy monogram as part of the design. Combine both of your parent's first initials with their last name.

Be sure to include an RSVP so you'll have an idea of how many people to expect at the party.

Another good idea is to include the dress for the event. For example, you could state Black Tie or Casual Dressy on the invitation.

The Entertainment - Of course, people are coming to the anniversary party to honor your parents on their fiftieth anniversary. But the entertainment will play a major part of the success of your event.

Think of having a professional comedian to entertain the guests at the party. Be sure to tell him or her that it's a fiftieth wedding celebration. In addition, tell the comedian that the theme is a royalty one. The comedian will then be able to use that information as he or she gives the comedic presentation.

Dancing at the party is another good consideration. Think of hiring a DJ who will take care of all of the music. The great thing about hiring a DJ is that he or she will know how to get the people on the dance floor in a fun, non-threatening way. Be sure to tell the DJ what your parent's favorite song is so that song can be the first to be played. It would also be fun to include music from the time your parents were married through today's music.

As you plan the decorations, think of using things like crowns, elegant carriages, and other things with a royal feeling as part of the decor.

For more ideas, contact a party planning company like Royal Entertainment.